Sunday, August 10, 2008

MAC Starflash Haul/Thoughts on the Collection

I know I have already done some looks using some of these eyeshadows but I just love these and wanted to show you what I got in the MAC Starflash Collection. The shadows and the kohl powers in this collection are awesome. The shadows have a new, "Starflash" finish which is similar to the Veluxe Pearl finish. They are very smooth in texture. However, I believe there are similar colors to several of these shadows in the permanent collection, so I'll give you the low on those :). So this is what I got:

Eyeshadows (below, from left to right):

Sunset B.-Frosty clean midtone pink (Starflash). This pink looks a lot more pigmented in the pan than it actually is on your skin. You need to wear a base to really make this one pop like it should. I used UV Pink from the Kryolan Palette in the "Super Hot Pink Look." Fresco Rose PP would probably do well with this one also. I have read on other blogs that this pink is similar to Trophy Pink in the Royal Assets Cool Eyes Palette from the holiday 2007 collection.

Lotusland-Frosted pinky lavender with gold pearl (Starflash). This is a beautiful light lavender shade. I haven't worn it yet, but it doesn't seem to be very pigmented on it's own, so this is another one that will probably need a good base if you want it to pop. Maybe Nice Vice PP, Royal Hue Shadestick, or Pop Iris Liquidlast? I'll have to play with it and see. It's similar to Stars N Rockets but not as pink and it's also similar to Mancatcher from the Lure Collection but still different enough to get IMO.

Top Hat-Frosty dirty indigo (Starflash). This one is very similar to Fertile, which I also have. It's a little more bluish IMO and a helluva lot easier to apply. Unlike the previous, this one is VERY pigmented. It makes a lovely crease color.

Talent Pool-Frosty blue green with gold pearl (Starflash). This is a pretty teal color that is nicely pigmented. It kind of looked like Parrot in the pan but when I put it on it looked more like Steamy. I love teals though so I could never have enough!
Dreammaker-Frosty yellow gold (Starflash). This is going to be a nice lid or highlight color. I think if Gorgeous Gold and Ricepaper had a child, this is what it would look like, lol.

Go-Frosted bronze (Starflash). This is a gorgeous cool brown color that I can't wait to wear. I can't think of one it's really similar to, maybe Satin Taupe or Bronze?

Smoke & Diamonds-Frosty dirty taupe (Starflash). This is my favorite eyeshadow from this collection, hands down. The color is very unique; I can't think of anything close. It's a beautiful shimmery grayish brown color with just the right amount of pigmentation. It makes a nice allover eyecolor or crease color. Loves it!

Mink & Sable-Frosty olive green (Starflash). This one actually is very close to Sumptuous Olive, in fact I would have probably skipped this one if I knew how similar these two colors are. I think Mink & Sable will be smoother to apply though, judging but the smoothness of the other shadows in this collection.
Kohl Power Eye Pencils (below, from top to bottom):

Raven-Intense black with red pearl (Frost). This is gorgeous. I was looking for something like this, was contemplating buying the Foxy Lady Eye Kohl, and then this came out. Yay!

Feline-Rich black (Frost). This is the most intense black eye pencil I have ever purchased. Sexxy!

Mystery-Rich black with green and teal pearl (Frost). This one is going to be gorgeous as well, as much as I love teal and green eye makeup :).
*side note: the Kohl Power Eye Pencils do smudge, so be careful if you're going to be outside in the heat :)

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