Monday, May 5, 2008

Naughty Nauticals Haul

What I got from the new MAC collection Naughty Nauticals! I absolutely love these! There will definitely be some FOTD's to come!

Eye shadow from left to right:

Illegal Cargo-Mid-tone frosty greyed plum(Frost). This is an absolutely gorgeous color kinda similar to Shale, but much more blendable in my opinion. Even if you're purple shy I would definitely recommend this color.

Submarine-Mid-tone frosty clear blue(Frost). This color is really pretty, it's similar to freshwater, in fact they could be sisters. :p

Shore Leave-Pale frosty cream(Veluxe Pearl). This is a nice highlight color.

Meet the Fleet-Matte midnight blue. This one is a nice liner or crease color. I wore it one day on my lid and covered it with Mutiny pigment and the result was gorgeous. The only bad thing about this one is that it's kind of hard to work with, being a matte texture.

I didn't get Pandamonium because I have Charred which looks sorta similar. Plus, I'm not a big fan of the lustre finish.

Pigments from left to right:

Mutiny-clean sky blue with gold pearl. This is oh so pretty.

Bell-Bottom Blue-frosty dirty blue with white pearl. Ditto.

Lark About-sheer frosty white blue. A lot of people don't like this one but I think it's a nice color. I like that iridescent blue sheen it has and it would work great as a highlight with the other blues in this collection.

I passed on Lovely Lily because it just wasn't that unique to me and I have a lot of purples in my collection so...

This is the Smoothblue technakohl eyeliner that's actually from the permanent collection, but I didn't have it so I got it. It's described as "ocean blue with frost." It compliments this collection really well.

Lipsticks from left to right:

Ahoy, there!-sheer light dirty pink with multi-dimensional pearl(Glaze).

Port Red-clean yellow red with gold pearl(Frost). This color is hott. I can't wait to rock this one.

Party Mate-sheer mid-tone pink(Lustre). This one is beautiful as well.

Sorry this one is kinda blurry. Two of the lipglassed from left to right:

Love Knot-sheer pink with blue & white duochrome. This color is hott too. I've already worn it several times!

Hey, Sailor-blue plum pink with white pearl flecks. This is an awesome color as well. It kind of reminds me of the Viva Glam VI lipglass.

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